We assist institutions in meeting their budgetary goals while fulfilling their organizational mission.

The Education sector has many organizations where PBMA can naturally be applied.  We have worked and are currently working with the University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, Dalhousie University, and Mount-Royal University.

Universities, and other educational organizations where resource allocation decisions have to be made, for example colleges or school boards, face very similar challenges to those of health care organizations. We have found that PBMA and the specific methods of implementation that we have developed, as well as our proprietary software, work just as well in this context as it does in health care.

Our education clients’ experience with our services has been the same as in health care: an efficient implementation and results that meet expectations in that resource allocation decision-making becomes clearer and the decisions become easier to explain.

First year savings and new revenue of $6M


With a deficit of $8M, the Faculty of Medicine needed to reduce costs and at the same time, strategically allocate new funding to ensure the school’s continued success.




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